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The formmail.asp script is an ASP email script based on features found in the FormMail Perl email script written by Matt Wright

Just a note:
Until now, I've been developing formmail and retrofitting back into existing sites. Today, I got the chance to use it on a new project.  THIS IS GREAT STUFF.  Even if I say so myself.  This is a joy to use!

The various forms found on this website use formmail.asp to process the input.  This site was launched October 10,2003. There will be continuing updates and code samples soon!

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formmail.asp processes a form to email, like formmail, based on the form fields within a given form. Additionally formmail.asp expands on the functionality of FORMMAIL by using CDONTS to post form data to a database, or form to a database and email .

formmail.asp supports all, some not so much, of the form field switches found in the original formmail.  Plus many great enhancements!

formmail.asp was designed in a Frontpage environment.  You can apply Frontpage themes to the confirmation page if you choose.  It is therefore very good and quick  at replacing FORMMAIL for your Windows based server.

formmail.asp will work as a backend form-to-email and form-to-database processor for Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Golive, and HTML. formmail.asp is an ASP that expolits the functionality of CDONTS, CDOSYS, and ADODB, so it remains publisher independent.


Using the DRW (database results wizard) within Microsoft FrontPage, you can quickly create a MSAccess database.  Now just create a form, use FORMMAIL.ASP to add the professional touch to your web page.  FORMMAIL.ASP will ensure that all required fields are entered; generate a custom confirmation page providing concise feedback for incorrectly filled forms or if correct, a successful confirmation page with an optional print button.  Additionally, FORMMAIL.ASP will have posted the form to your database and/or provided your chosen recipient with a email copy of the submission form. 

The security patches found in the updated versions of FORMMAIL have been carried forward into FORMMAIL.asp.  It is not necessary to modify the script to take advantage of these security updates (or make the script function), as it is, FORMMAIL.asp validates  that the post originated on the same server that the script resides.



Thank you for business.
I'd appreciate any ideas for enhancement.

Bug fixes are free.
Help is mostly free, but consulting/programming services are available.

Support has been added for CDOSYS, ASPEMAIL and JMAIL, although only CDOSYS has been tested.
The default is CDONTS and the following demonstrates how to alter this:

<input type="hidden" name="sendmail" value="cdosys">
<input type="hidden" name="smtpserver" value=""> is the default, so the last isn't required.

Recently many Web Hosts have been restricting "parent paths".  For you, this means that ASP files that use the DRW (Frontpage Database Results Wizard) will have to be located in the root path (or rather the same path as the "_fpclass" directory).

The file "formmailopt.asp" is used for setting global parameters.  It is not required and should be left off of your server if not needed.  Examine the file; its functionality should be self-evident.

Thank you again,

Yes, I suppose it does...
generally I'd opt for putting everyone in the database and tagging those who want to be on the mailing list...

...there's all kind of undocmented features...

<input type=checkbox name="maillistyes" checked
<input type="hidden" name="maillist" value="[if,maillistyes]true[endif][if;maillistyes]false[endif]">
<input type="hidden" name="dontshow" value="maillistyes">
<input type="hidden" name="database" value="mydb/table1">
(this assumes that the field in the database is "maillist", type:yes/no)

the logic in the "value" is new... i did it for me... so it remains undocumented and mildly cryptic...

to do the same thing, but not add to the database, you'd have to play the same games with the database directive.

no... there is no student discount...
... and it is sold with the premise that you may have to "figure it out"...

help is available... but at $60 per 1/2 hour...  in other words, a functioning form generallly costs $60-$120

On 5/21/2005 3:38:58 PM, patrick beauchemin ( wrote:
> Here is the results of your form submitted from
> Fullname:patrick xxxxxxxxxx
> Company:student
> Phone:
> City, ST ZIP:
> Comment:I want to create a simple mail form that will have a checkbox or
> radio button to select for opting into amailing list. If the person opts
> in then not only will the site owner recieve the email but the person who
> opted in is written to an access database. Is this possible with your
> program

Formmail, in its present form, uses a global.asa connection string...
So the type of database should not be an issue...
It ADD's and UPDATE's by creating SQL statements...
UPDATEing (versus ADDing) is done automatically if the "key" is present in the Form Fields, thus a populated form will do an update, while the same form with missing (or empty) key field(s) will do a ADD...

You can try the form again... I've made numerous improvements on formmail.asp... and the version on FORMMAIL.US always seems the last to be updated.


Is there a specific website or form?

In general, FORMMAIL.ASP will replace the "action" to most forms for doing specific things: sending a formatted email of the form contents to a recipient (or recipients), posting form contents to a database (or databases), or both.

As far as send email, FORMMAIL should work well on any server that is supporting Frontpage, as most support CDONTS and/or CDOSYS, but FORMMAIL is intended to support JMAIL too, but as I don't have a server to test it on, it has never been tested.

Thus to kinda answer your question... if your previous (or current) forms use custom ASP code to send email and/or post to a database... but now your forms are changing (or your new server doesn't support Jmail)... it doesn't really matter... all of that old code can be jettisoned and all the old custom programming can be replaced by FORMMAIL and directives added by you to your forms.

Generally "<input type=hidden" name="database" value="myfile/thistable"> is the only thing that "needs" to be added.
(and changing the form action to <form method="post" action="formmail.asp">)

if you need assistance, I do provide both "help"... and professional "help" depending on your needs.


At 06:14 AM 8/9/2005, you wrote:
  Thanks for getting back to me on this.
  I have a few problems, and I need some help in getting through them.
(1) I have very limited knowledge when it comes to this.
(2) On the last server I had, I was using Jmail that someone helped me get going.
It sent the form field data to my database (MS access) AND also sent it via Email
to my office.
(3) Question: Can the Jmail code in the ASP page be
converted/changed to work with FORMMAIL. I am not sure how the code is
added to the ASP page. I am using FrontPage if that matters.
(4) Do I need specific server support for FormMail?

(5) Can someone like me make this work ?   :)

Thanks again

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