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This script, FORMMAIL.ASP, requires a web server with:
1) Frontpage extensions
2) CDONTS or CDOSYS  (JMAIL and APSEMAIL not yet tested)
3) ASP processing
4) DRW functionality (if database is used)

Generally these feature are available on most Microsoft-based web server platform, although it is conceivable, but unlikely, that you web host has specifically disabled one or more of the features.

Installation involves placing the FORMMAIL.ASP file in your root directory.

The only "required" form field would be:
<input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="">
(Technically, this is not required. The form contents will be emailed to "", where domain is that where the script resides.)

where "" is correctly set to the intended recipient. The "" will be tested against the host on which the script resides. Additional domains, other that that on which the script resides, can be "approved" by altering the variable at the top of the FORMMAIL.ASP script.

Support for "bugs" will be given priority attention.

There is no warranty for "fitness of purpose". It is assumed that the description fully describes this scripts' purpose and therefore no refunds will be made. Please ask any questions prior to completing your purchase.

The current version will be emailed immediately upon receipt of payment.

-brian spengler
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