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A Sample Order Form

(still under development...)
 Text Box Properties
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 Name:  realname~name~user  
 Width in Characters:  40   Tab Order    
 Password: Yes   No    
Style Validate     OK Cancel


  • For purposes of FORMMAIL.asp, this field now holds several elements to control the actions of the posting in a rather compact manner.
  • In essense the information in this field is:
    fieldname ~ email form name ~ database field name
    separated by a unique character, called a switchchar.
  • Starting with a traditional fieldname, such as "realname" which is the classic field item for the users' name.  The "realname" field, for instance, is used the construct a fully formed email address, which includes the users name as well as their email address. You have complete choice in naming your fields; use the "special fieldnames" to control FORMMAIL.asp actions.
  • Next is the switch character (switchchar): "~".  This is the special character used by FORMMAIL.asp to split out the important information in this field. The default switchchar is a tilde("~"), but you can change the switchchar to any character. (An underscore("_") is a very nice choice, but not used here because I wanted FORMMAIL.asp to work with many existing forms and the underscore was likely already used)
  • The EMAIL FORM NAME is the title for this information when the email is sent.  This gives you the ability to have a slightly friendlier name on the email instead of some cryptic field name. For instance, "Name" instead of "realname".  If the field name is adequate, simply leave this entry blank.
  • Again, another switchchar.  This separate the EMAIL FORM NAME from the DATABASE field name.
  • The DATABASE FIELD NAME is used for posting this form to a database using this name.
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